Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Ok so i know every one that has got instagram now and started to get into it is thinking of the same thing....... How can i get more followers?....... How can i get more likes?.

Well here is a quick guide but i have to tell you now before you continue reading and waste your time 


1: I know you have heard this before and i'm gonna say it again, put up only nice pictures, no one wants to see your random day to day stuff thats laying around your house the only people who can really do that and get away with it is girls that put up a couple of sexy pics of them selfs and got enough followers to just put up a pic of their nail clippings and get a 1000 likes (lets be honest here a lot of guys will follow to see a nice bikini or a little bit of cleavage)

2: Invest in some 3rd party apps to edit your pictures, me and you can take the same exact picture the only thing that will make a difference to every one else is that you will use the same filters or effects from with in the instagram app and i will probably use them along side some others form apps like Camera+, Filtermania 2, Toon paint, PicFrame etc. 

3: Make notes on your iPhones note app with 30 of the most famous hashtags (#webstagram #jj #follow #instadaily etc.). Add these hashtages to your pictures and when u feel that the likes are not coming in any more delete and cope another 30 from your notes and paste into your picture and u will start getting some more.

4: Another easy way to get followers on Instagram is to follow a lot of people. Most people follow back 

5: Make sure to like pictures from all the people you are following because it shows them how much u contribute to them and they do the same for you and if they are not following yet they follow you back. Also if u really like some of their work don't hold back on leaving a nice comment with a compliment, every one likes to hear what people think of their work.
6: Number of posting a day is very important, you don't want to post more than 4 pictures a day that way you don't cramp up your followers feeds so that they feel like your the only one on it. I post 2 to 4 pics a day max.

7: The time of the day you post  your pictures is very important and varies for your region and what kind of people you are trying to reach, you don't want to post a picture up of lets say sunrise and have it hashtaged #sunrise at 3am when every one in your county is sleeping. I found that 8am, 12pm, 5pm and 9pm seem to be the most suitable to post because people are either on their way to work, having lunch, on their way back home from work or doing their last check up before they go to bed and that will give you more of a chance to be noticed.

8: Here is another way to get more followers and likes that no one has ever mentioned before.
Do exactly as i tell you and you will see your notifications fill up with every thing u been wanting

A: Search for hashtags like #follow #followme #followback #f4f #followforfollow or any hashtag with in that context and go to it.

B: Switch the view to make the images larger 

C: Like all the pictures that come up and when they run out press load more, u should do at least 60 likes when every you can as many times you can a day.
I know this sounds long but like i said earlier this wasn't gonna be easy and requires lots of work but its extremely effective.

Hope this works for you as much as it has worked for me i got up to 600 followers and i only on my 2nd week of using these methods.

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Comment and leave me a feed back on how this helped you.